Committee Volunteers

As a member-driven organization with a small salaried staff, the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce is reliant upon volunteers for the success of its membership, community events, and programs. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Members who volunteer their time find that they gain visibility, peer education and valuable relationships much more quickly than other members. One way a member volunteer may serve is by participating in one or more Chamber committees.


Volunteering can often be a first step to building your business through cooperative relationships in a pleasant, low-key environment. Studies show people more often buy from people they know and like. As members come to know and appreciate each other, they also share a willingness to share information and leads. By volunteering for a Chamber committee, you are also seen as someone who cares about and is invested in the Chamber and the community. The willingness of a volunteer to support the Chamber is vital to the Chamber’s mission.
Working with a committee will allow you the opportunity to expand your network, enhance your leadership skills and learn by working closely with business people in the local community with whom you might otherwise have little opportunity to interact.


Committees meet once a month, generally at the same time and place each month. Chairpersons are responsible for selecting co-chairs and committee volunteers. Chair and committee volunteers carry out duties aligned with the overall goals of the Chamber as approved by the Board of Directors. Chamber staff cannot undertake the duties of any volunteer committee member or chairperson.

Many Chamber monthly and one-time events also require extra volunteers. The Chamber truly appreciates the efforts of volunteers and is committed to finding a niche where each volunteer’s special talents can shine.

Many individuals find they have a stronger interest in or would like to learn more about one or more areas. Members are encouraged to learn about each group by attending several meetings to meet the members and learn about the mission, responsibilities and goals of that group; prior to making a choice. Options for Committee participation include:

  • Ambassadors
  • Government Affairs
  • Membership
  • Special Events

A very special “Thank You” goes out to each of the Chamber volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about any of these committees or volunteering, please contact the Chamber at 760-744-1270 or email